The NC projects have been originated on the basis of the will of our partners and their needs. For the years 2017 and 2018, these are our projects:

Sustainable Homes in Cuncani

HSC seeks to promote a better quality of life for families through the implementation of 3 technologies: family bio-garden, chicken coop and ecological bath.

Living in Cuncani

At the request of the families of Cuncani, NC designed and implemented the circuit of Vivencial Tourism in the community, with the goal of generating a source of income for families. Although tourism in the area is very popular in the Cuncani area, the direct benefits are almost non- existent. NC wants the reality to change and that the implementation of this project is only the beginning of a true inclusion of communities like Cuncani in the tourism area.


FotoVoz is more than a project, it is a methodology based on the participatory action research model that allows us to know more about our local partners, through the use of photography and activities that allow a free exchange without the hierarchical base, many sometimes typical of conventional investigations.

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